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Nanox Imaging - portfolio update

There are a few changes in the Nanox patent portfolio that have surfaced since our first and second analyses. There are currently 13 patents assigned to Nanox Imaging and 14 more from Zebra that have been signed over to Nanox pursuant to the Nanox acquisition of Zebra. There are not any new Nanox applications since the previous looks, but some of the abandoned applications have been revived and granted. In a later post will look at the Zebra patents and applications.

The Nanox applications that have been granted are:

  • Electron emitting construct configured with ion bombardment resistant...

  • Devices having an electron emitting structure

  • X-ray tube and a conditioning method thereof

  • X-ray tube and a controller thereof (US-2018005796-A1)

  • X-ray tube and a controller thereof (US-11282668-B2)

The next year will likely see a number of further grants of national phase applications for the PCT applications (whose ID beings with 'WO' in the list above) that are in play.

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