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We have extensive experience preparing documents for the Israel Chief Scientist, Israel Innovation Authority, BIRD Israel-US R&D funding, European Research Council, European Innovation Council, the US Small Business (SBIR) program, DOE grants, and numerous other government funding programs.

Additionally we have been involved in funding rounds from venture caitalists, angels  and incubators, building presentations, doing due diligence work, writing freedom-to-operate and patentability analyses, and preparing investment and partnership contracts and NDAs (non-disclosure agreements). 

We also have experience with crowdfunding, and with several conglomerates interested in Israeli intellectual property and startup opportunities.

We are glad to share our experiences navigating the sometimes convoluted world of startup funding and are always glad to help startups and corporations in this area.

We are also partnered with several region-specific grant-proposal writing/editing services and investment firms.

For example, we use Alien TT, an exclusive consulting firm leading top-class innovators to success, using public funding opportunities and strategic private investments.  They support high tech companies by fronting the cost of institutional public funding in the EU and USA, thanks to the boutique investment firm Eagle & Chevalier.

We also use Aknan Investments, an Oman-based investment company giving low-interest loans to promising startups.


Israel-specific funding sources are listed in the infographic below - angels, vc's, incubators, and more.

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