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A patent gives the holder an exclusive right to manufacture, sell, and import a device or use a method in a given region.
We write, edit, and submit patents, search prior art, correspond with patent offices worldwide, and perform a host of other associated services.

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Copyrights give the creator of an original work exclusive rights to it for a limited time.
We can help you determine fair use of copyrighted work ('Can I use this youtube clip??') and make sure your copyright is protected.

A trademark is a name, design or expression used to identify products or services.
We trademark names and symbols in Israel and worldwide.

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Measure twice, cut once

Using analytic and computational tools we can perform simulations of relatively complex systems, including those having interactions between elements requiring a 'multiphysics' approach (e.g. temperature changes electrical conductivity which changes electrical current which changes temperature).

With 3d printers, metalworking shop, solid modeling experts and a PCB designer, we can rapidly produce models.

1 prototype = 1000 pictures!

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