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Updated: Feb 22, 2021

The PCT allows for a unified format for patent applications, which can be submitted to a number of PCT receiving offices. After 18 months they can then be submitted to any number of national phases for final decisions on patent acceptance.

The Israeli PTO (patent and Trademark Office) accepts electronic filing of patent applications online by the applicant (if applicant is an Israeli person or entity) or by a local patent attorney. Documents required for filing a national phase application in Israel are: (A) The published international application (including drawings and cover page) in English, including any amendments made during the international phase.

(B) Copies of the International Search Report and, if applicable, the International Preliminary Examination Report. (C) A certified translation (if application isn't in English). (D) Power of attorney (notarization not required). References:

Israel PCT site

WIPO Israel details

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